Louie (bwayboogiewooge) wrote in pbsjunkies,

49 Up (2006)

did anyone else catch the recent installment of Michael Apted's "Up" films last night on P.O.V.?

i've only seen 28 Up before and this was a nice opportunity to see the intervening years between. but when every i see one of these films i am always captivated. makes one want to sit down and watch them all at once. Roger Ebert brought up an interesting issue, which was how long will the series go on? until all of the participants have passed away? and what will happen when Apted himself dies [heaven forbid]? thats what i wonder. he is 15 years older than the people he documents. best film project ever.

EDIT: has anyone seen the American version [Age 7 in America (1991), 14 Up in America (1998), 21 Up America (2006)] that Apted is Executive Producer of? (damn, a dangling participle)
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