reallyamermaid (reallyamermaid) wrote in pbsjunkies,

Has anyone heard any flak about "Islam vs. Islamists?" From my understanding, it was excluded from the series "America At a Crossroads" because it was a weak piece of film. The viewpoint ended up getting represented; the producers just found a better example to use. Unfortunately, the producers of the piece are now storming conservative radio talk shows saying that PBS "censored" them. No, the producing station thought that someone else made a better film. Your viewpoint got represented just fine. But they're seriously working this angle. This has made the newspapers in NYC, which can't be good. It's interesting to me that the author of the article I read today didn't even bother to get the title of the series correct. He didn't care about the facts. He just wanted to get published. But even here in backwater WV, it seems to matter. We're getting negative feedback about it. I'm just wondering if you good people have encountered this at all.
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