reallyamermaid (reallyamermaid) wrote in pbsjunkies,

I saw a preview of Ken Burns' The War today. I was told it was 30 minutes long beforehand. No way. I don't wear a watch, but an honest guess was an hour. Really. And it felt like much, much longer. All staff were invited to attend, but only about 5 of us turned up. And I left with a sickening desire to see the whole 14 hours of it. I'm surprised that PBS will be airing some of these images. I'll be glad if it happens come September, but a lot of this footage was really tough. As it should be, I guess. You wanna see what war is like? Ken Burns wants to show you. And PBS is going along with it. It's going to be hard to watch, but it's being prsented in an intelligent manner. One of those times I'm proud of PBS.
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